Frequently Asked Questions About IRISE Products

  • How does Irise Hydration range helps to restore skin moisture?

    Irise Hydration range specially formulated with Jeju Red Snow Extract, Hyaluronic Acid and 3D-Encapsulated Water. Jeju Red Snow© Extract use to purify and calms the irritated skin due to pollutants. Hyaluronic Acid helps locks in moisture in the skin for a healthy glow. The 3D-Encapsulated Water can instantly penetrate into skin for deep hydration by restoring water loss. It is an all in one solution that instantly penetrate into the skin, soothing & calm, moisture lock and deep hydration that helps to reduce the signs of dehydrated.

  • Can I use on oily or acne prone skin?

    Irise Hydration range is formulated with mild and gentle ingredient and suitable for all type of skin. If you are aware of any skin sensitivity, it is recommended that you conduct a patch test on an area of clean skin on the inner arm before applying the product more widely.

  • How long can I see improvements on my skin?

    You will feel your skin become smoother and more radiant in 28 days.

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